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PT. HARIS GLOBAL is committed to becoming the successful Indonesian Freight Forwarder. We seek to satisfy our client's needs through our leadership in human resources and through our proprietary technology so that we may offer instant and reliable information. These factors allow our services to be fulfilled with the highest quality standards. Our mission is to create intelligent forwarding processes that provide higher added value.


PT. HARIS GLOBAL offers an independent and customer-orientated service, which we constantly work on to improve. Our success lays in Reliability, Flexibility, Neutrality, Experience, Competitiveness and Performance. We are working together to develop a profitable business within a highly competed market.

We are engaged to become recognized freight forwarders for the quality and accuracy in handling of delivery times and for the efficacy and efficiency in our services. We put the world at your feet and provide more than a helping hand in navigating its many trade lanes. Rely on our experience, communication network, and capabilities carrier selection and last but not least, the FREIGHT GUARANTEE is your needs.

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