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Automotive Car Shipping Service in Indonesia l Jasa Pengiriman Mobil
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We Offer the Friendly Auto Transport Company.

For all your car shipping needs:
  • Car Shipping
  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Heavy Equipments
  • Boat Shipping
  • Recreational Vehicle Shipping
  • International Auto Transport

Take care of your vehicle with Enclosed and Top Load Services, Our Sale Reps available daily with 24 hours services for your call!

Get it There fast with Expedite or Fast Track Services

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Services We Offer

Haris Cargo provides a variety of shipping services for a complete range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, Heavy duties Equipment and more. With a variety of car shipping services available, customers have the convenience of scheduling pickup and delivery at either their doorstep or at a local terminal. Haris Cargo is offering affordable true door-to-door service.

Never shipped a car before? Here below are What to Expect.....
  1. Find our Terminal Nearest to You- See in our terminal Location Map
  2. Find out How Our Door-to-Door Service is Different
  3. What Makes Haris Cargo Different

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