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Personal Effects - Box It

You may move your personal effect need a lot of boxes.All your packing needs supplied - bubble wrap, tape, tea cartons and packing crates.
- Our quotation will include Free collection and delivery in your location /residential Area.
- Packing instructions and inventory forms supplied.
- Full packing service available on request

Follow the Action Global 3 step guide and make your move hassle free:

STEP 1: Contact Haris Global Ltd.

STEP 2: Discuss your requirements - we will have heard it all before, but if you do have something that's out of the ordinary to challenge us with that's fine - we're up for it!

STEP 3: Relax... we’ll do the rest!
Haris Global will aim to answer all your questions but in the meantime here are a few pointers you should be aware of as part of the shipping process.

You should have:
- Ordered Cartons,
- Roll(s) of Tape,
- Bubble wrap,
- Rate Card,
- Packing Instructions,- Customs Form,
- Inventory Form.

If NOT Please Call Us NOW.

Customs Form is for 'Door to Door' Consignments Only

Shipping Documents
There is a minimum documentation required for shipping.
Please complete the following documents:
- Inventory with the contents of each carton, box or bag. No values on this form.
- Copy of the Picture Page from your Passport
- Complete Customs Form(s) with assistance of our Help Sheet

Put all documents into an envelope and tape it to the side of carton 1.
Please read the packing instructions to assemble, pack and seal the cartons. Please check minimum weight for your destination.
You should write on each carton:
- Your Customer Reference Number.
- Your Full Name.
- Your Destination Address.
- Your Mobile Phone Number.
- The Box Number, not forgetting to number any bags, suitcases, (e.g 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3) etc.

Contact us either by the by calling before 2pm the day prior to the preferred day of collection
(Monday collections must be arranged on Friday before 12noon.)

Please advise us of:

- Any change to the collection address.
- The total number of items to be collected .
- Your preferred method of payment.
- If you require your consignment to be stored prior to despatch

Tape the cartons shut and position them next to the front door for ease of collection.

Final Payment
Please call the office, the day after the collection to confirm that the shipping documents have been received and that they have been correctly filled in.

Paying the final balance.
Payment can be made by:
- 'Cash', Please advise us prior to the collection. The driver will NOT accept cash.
- " Bank Transfer', Call us and provide relevant details our Bank account.

You will be E-mailed the shipping details of your consignment, you will also be advised of your shipment record.

'Door to Door' service.

- Once the consignment arrives at the destination our appointed agent will clear the consignment through Customs.
- You will then be contacted to advise of any duty charged by customs or clearing fee (where applicable).
- Once any local axes are settled, Action Global will arrange with you a day for delivery.
'Door to APOA (Airport of Arrival)' service.
- Once the consignment arrives at the destination you will be contacted by the local agent who for your clearance instructions